India is an eclectic country, a truth that is visibly notable in its lineage, culture, and climate. From its assorted landscape and lifestyles sanctify geography. People speak different languages, dress differently but the attitude is the same. When it comes to an event people wholeheartedly contribute to the feeling of happiness. A festival or a wedding is a liveliness to an occasion, a wedding is a festival of union, not only of the bride and groom but also of two homes. In India, weddings commence with a pleasant gesture accompanied by fondness, enthusiasm, and pleasure, this small gesture is an invitation. The culture of invitation is not uncommon in India it has been flying since time immemorial, the kings and the royal ancestry had a system of passing scrolls but with time, modifications took place in the industry of wedding cards. The commerce of wedding cards has come a giant way and with it came  AMV wedding cards.  

Initiating its venture in 2007, AMV wedding cards have their arena in metallic cards and today have risen from wedding cards to wedding boxes, carry bags, gift envelopes, Lazer boxes, gift items, and many more. Retaining the ancient and middle era sophistication of scroll cards in mind the wedding card developers have got a plethora of concepts in scroll cards too. The board holds mastery in the field of special invitation cards which are outstanding appear classy and are dapper. The creative team keeps itself revamped with the latest crazes and never compromises on the explicit demands of the customers.  

 Amv squad intends to share the big information with its people physically, the cards are hand and machine printed and do not deal in e-cards. To investigate the broad expanse of cards procured by AMV wedding cards visit our website